Why unique

Our collection of unique pieces is made with artisanal techniques. We care about details, because we know what makes a product beautiful.

Made after an accurate study of materials and colours, we choose the most resistant coloured resins and give new life to unique pieces of wood.


The wood

The wood we use is always a guarantee of quality.

We decided to give new life to wood with this collection.

That’s why our unique pieces are made from recycled woods, to give a second life to quality materials. Being artisans also means knowing how to respect the environment, giving new life to materials that otherwise should be discarded: this is the creativity that shapes the wood.

The design process

Creativity is our brand, we create unique objects and tailor-made solutions, adapting them to the needs of the most demanding customers.

Not standard products but original and unrepeatable objects, which are born from selected raw materials and regenerated recovery components, in an environmental perspective of recycling and reuse.

Quality furniture, durable and weather-resistant, with an elegant and functional design, are the result of creativity and our fifty years of artisan experience. Manufactured by our hands in our factory.

So various wood essences, metals, resins and plastics and other elements blend together to create tables, benches, planters, counters and more.

Small and large objects to furnish and enrich all the spaces dedicated to conviviality, hospitality, sharing.

“True value is being unique”.