Why I’m special

I was made of high quality wood, but this has not always been my form. I am part of a collection of unique pieces: made with recovered materials, recycled from other processes:  precious wood transformed into a product thanks to the creativity of the craftsman.  They gave me a new life, with attention to the environment, with a new design, thanks to a great craftsman.



  • larch boards recovered from the demolition of the floor of an ancient house

  • Ultra dried, it has a great resistance to the weather, especially if oiled with impregnating suitable for the outside. The workmanship of this table recalls the ancient construction techniques.

  • You can see on the surface the signs of the previous life of recycled wood, such as the holes of the nails.

  • The plan is built as a “picture frame” with inside the longitudinal axes that characterise the design.

  • The spacing between the axes is filled with a special resin resistant to atmospheric agents and enhances the aesthetics of the top.

  • As the wood is enmeshed by the resin, it is not allowed to expand, so its use is recommended for a covered space such as a terrace.


height 79,5 cm

width 90 cm

length 90 cm