Why I’m special

I was made of high quality wood, but this has not always been my form. I am part of a collection of unique pieces: made with recovered materials, recycled from other processes:  precious wood transformed into a product thanks to the creativity of the craftsman.  They gave me a new life, with attention to the environment, with a new design, thanks to a great craftsman.



  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor for the mixture of materials with which it is built..

  • The perimeter of the base is built with a “C profile” of hot galvanised steel recovered in a disused industrial factory, welded “X” to support the top and anchor the legs, completed by a solid wood frame that constitutes the perimeter.

  • The solid Sipo mahogany top consists of thick axes spaced between them to allow the expansion of the wood in case it is exposed to the weather, the oil finish gives it and elegant top from the characteristic color of mahogany.

  • The original legs are made of thick polycarbonate with an internal core of aluminum and filled with colored stones in shades compatible with the color of the top.


height 76.5 cm

width 94.5 cm

length 185 cm