Why I’m special

I was made of high quality wood, but this has not always been my form. I am part of a collection of unique pieces: made with recovered materials, recycled from other processes:  precious wood transformed into a product thanks to the creativity of the craftsman.  They gave me a new life, with attention to the environment, with a new design, thanks to a great craftsman.



  • A mixture of steel and ceramic resin that embodies the combination of ancient and modern processing techniques.

  • The base is in wrought iron galvanised and painted anthracite color with rustic features.

  • The most modern top is made of a particular polypropylene plastic material mixed with ceramic that on the one hand guarantees durability to atmospheric agents and on the other gives the top a linear and precise appearance.

  • The ceramic resin allows its painting and this table top is finished as the anthracite base.


height 77 cm

width 95 cm

length 160 cm