Why I’m special

I was made of high quality wood, but this has not always been my form. I am part of a collection of unique pieces: made with recovered materials, recycled from other processes:  precious wood transformed into a product thanks to the creativity of the craftsman.  They gave me a new life, with attention to the environment, with a new design, thanks to a great craftsman.


Table Features

  • Feet made of lamellar pine wood 15 x 14 x 80cm with exposed wood head to enhance the material.
  • The top is made of 4.5 cm thick laminated pine which makes the table solid in all its parts. The perimeter edge is doubled in thickness.
  • The finish of the top is brushed to give the rustic effect and enhance the opacity of the gray painting just shaded, all the original grain of the wood are visible

Swings Features

  • The structure is built with turned poles center heart impregnated in an autoclave of 10 cm diameter fixed to the ground with special brackets and connected to each other by eight T-bearings that ensure an adequate solidity.
  • 6 swings connected with special rings with joint and carabiner for possible replacement. The ropes are nautical ropes of the diameter of 16 mm beautiful and oversized for the flow rate.
  • The seat boards can be optionally either with separate slats (for outdoor use) or with full glued board (for indoor use)

Table Measures

height 80 cm

width 122 cm

length  284 cm

Swings Measures

height 250 cm

width 160 cm

length  330 cm