Garden houses and kiosks

In many years, we have made hundreds of houses. Dozens of versions, each specific to the customer’s needs.

Starting from the wood material: spruce, pine, larch, etc. And with metal parts: railings, sheet roofs, flower boxes. With doors, doors, windows and portholes.

In short, the possibilities offered are really many.

Not to mention the designs available and the functions it is designed for. Stronger, more important and robust, cheaper and more versatile.

They can be houses with predominantly aesthetic purposes, intended for use in detail and with less impact. Then embellished with precious details, nice decorations, details. And varied colors, on the walls, on the roofs, and maybe outside flower boxes on the balconies.

They can be work houses, suitable to contain tools and tools, subjected to the wear and tear of daily activity. Then with shelving, skylights, spaces for the placement of internal systems, access ramps and reinforcements to ensure the best durability and strength.

They can even be playhouses, for the imagination and fun of children, with all the fantasies and finds of the case.

They can be kiosks for festivals and events, equipped with doors and mobile counters. And – why not? – kiosks to set up a small bar service in the garden of your home, on the occasion of a summer party in a beautiful garden.

We have collected a few examples for which you can find a special page with photographs taken exclusively from works carried out in homes and private activities,accompanied by a brief description: this to give you a rough idea of what we do.

You can always consult us freely and receive advice on changes, materials, regulations: we gladly provide our experience to reason together on your ideas and needs.

For planning and quotes come to the office or contact us and request a quote from your drawing or sketch.