Flower boxes, pot boxes and benches

The flower boxes are undoubtedly the main complement to an outdoor furniture. Flowers – strictly speaking – climbing plants, medicinal herbs, small fruits, houseplants and compositions find their ideal location.

The planter plays a purely aesthetic function, that is to enrich and vivify thanks to the irreplaceable presence of green a domestic space, despite having a practical sense and an obvious use purpose.

The planter is designed and made of materials and components used to contain the soil for planting and growth of a plant, decorative or not (on the other hand, why not cultivate a nice cherry tomato on the terrace to climb on a grilled?) and is further embellished and made functional by the presence of seats, grills and other embellishments.

Of course, with a planter you can comfortably understand also what then to use is a box vases, or a container that for aesthetics and functionality (a vase is easier and less dirty to remove and relocate for a change of soil) It lends itself to enclose and hide a pot not very valuable or whose content you do not want to flare and transplant.

Finally, a wooden planter can be small or very large (enough to be moved with a forklift when full!), simple or part of a complex structure (for example mounted on a balustrade, base for a bench)sober or elegant, wood-stained or painted, square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, etc.

The benches often accompany the flower boxes structurally. However, more frequently as urban furniture, benches can present themselves as larger and more impactful structures, for public parks and large, self-supporting areas or fixed to walls and walls.

We have collected a few examples for which you find a special page with photographs taken exclusively from works carried out in homes and private activities, accompanied by a brief description: this to give you a rough idea of what we do.

You can always consult us freely and receive advice on changes, materials, regulations: we gladly provide our experience to reason together on your ideas and needs.

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