Gazebos, pavilions and bersò

“Gazebo: from the English (to) gaze «to look», with the ending of the future Latins in -ebo (as videbo «I will see», etc.)], used in ital. masch. (pronounced mostly ġaʒèbo , and plur. invar.). – Garden kiosk, masonry or more often wrought iron, ending at the top with a small dome and covered generalm. by climbing plants. Also, lightweight artifact of similar shape, mostly in fabric and with removable metal structure.”

The gazebo (also called bersò, with some differences) is linked to the “look”, to seeing intended as enjoying a scenario, a pleasant context: as the cool corner of a garden or a perfect location for a panorama.

We have designed and manufactured gazebos in many shapes and compositions.

Square or polygonal, in wood and metal, retro or contemporary design, traditional or modern materials, a beautiful gazebo is the focal point of any exterior, especially if placed in the green.Among trees and branches, surrounded by jasmine or wisteria, it is a sight for sore eyes.

We make them in wood (fir, pine and larch) and metal (columns and beams), sloping or flat roof, with pvc cloth or with “wooden perlinatura”, with gratings and different embellishments: our customers are the first and best witnesses of the quality of our realisations.

Of course, the more you intend to invest, the greater the importance of the result and the aesthetic performance.

We have collected a few examples for which you find a special page with photographs taken exclusively from works carried out in homes and private activities, accompanied by a brief description: this to give you a rough idea of what we do.

You can always consult us freely and receive advice on changes, materials, regulations: we gladly provide our experience to reason together on your ideas and needs.

For planning and quotes come to the office or contact us and request a quote from your drawing or sketch.