Grills and windbreaks

The grid is a recurring and versatile element, with both structural and aesthetic function, which contributes to the creation of gazebos, pergolas, targets, balustrades, barriers and flower boxes: it is certainly a vast sample that starting from the grid “pure and simple” is divided into several “hybrids” derived from the composition of basic modules or from inclusion in broader structures and contexts.

The essential structure of the grid, the “mesh”, can in turn present itself in different configurations deriving from overlapping, density of the alveolate and frames. However we can clearly define two basic shapes: square or rhombus.

There will therefore be “large” squares and diamonds (such as 15 x 15 cm) or “thick” (such as 3 x 3 cm). The choice, as well as the personal aesthetic taste, is certainly dictated by the function that you want to attribute to the grilled, that is, of completion of a furniture, of definition of a space, of support for climbers, of masking and coverage, etc.

When the intention is to obliterate a space or a volume – to hide radiators, waste bins – what we are going to achieve is, in effect, a barrier or, better, a windbreak.

The windbreak, which does not have the mesh structure of the grid, can be built with staves spaced, overlapped, staggered depending on the location.

Finally, “also counts” the intention of spending. The grilled or windbreak can be more or less cheap: even the eye has its part and a grilled with eleborations such as arches, portholes and embellishments certainly makes its figure in a garden or terrace.

We have collected a few examples for which you find a special page with photographs taken exclusively from works carried out in homes and private activities, accompanied by a brief description: this to give you a rough idea of what we do.

You can always consult us freely and receive advice on changes, materials, regulations: we gladly provide our experience to reason together on your ideas and needs.

For planning and quotes come to the office or contact us and request a quote from your drawing or sketch.