Shelters, porches, sheds and car covers (carports)

The shed is a structure anchored to a wall, cantilevered or with columns supporting the perimeter.

Sheds, porches and carports are “canopies”, with fixed covers not removable.

It can be in metal (galvanized steel or aluminum) and wood. With translucent (when using transparent polycarbonate) or covering, as with a perlinated, sheaths, tiles or just shading.

When the structure is covered with polycarbonate, it can be shaded with the tents below, which can be fixed or movable sliding.

As for polycarbonate there are three types of finishes: transparent, opaline, bronzed.

As for the blind covers, above the beads there may be: the simple grit sheath, the sheath with finishing with Canadian tiles, the sheath with the plastic tile or sheet metal. In some cases it can be finished directly with the single-ring “fake coppo” finish.

The roof can be finished with metallic flashing and its eaves with rain for discharge to the ground of the rain.

They can be further embellished with perimeter grids and any flower boxes.

About the carport the components remain the same. It can be leaned against a wall or self-supporting.

Another measure to ensure a better manoeuvre of the vehicle is the rearmament of the front columns through lamellar arch.

The woods, finally, can be treated as well as with the autoclave impregnation, with impregnations dyed in different colors.

The metal structures can be painted with powders of different grades.

We have collected a few examples for which you find a special page with photographs taken exclusively from works carried out in homes and private activities, accompanied by a brief description: this to give you a rough idea of what we do.

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