Pergolas and pergola-tents

Pergolas and pergola-tents are included in what from a technical-legal point of view are called “Light Roofing Structures”.

Regardless of the materials, their construction structure must be “light” and open, without fixed coverage: the spaced axes have the purpose of letting you wrap climbing and at the same time of attaching a mobile and removable sheet.

If a pergola has an integral waterproof roof, a “roof” in short, polycarbonate, polyethylene, tiles or whatever, is in effect a roof, or a roof and duqneu configures the building volume and must comply with the respective regulations and bureaucratic permits.

The decision of the Council of State 306/2017 defined the pergola as “a structure designed to adorn and shade gardens or terraces and consists of a scaffolding, usually supporting climbing plants, consisting of two or more rows of vertical pillars joined together at the top by horizontal elements, such that […] persons may pass through and be opened on at least three sides at the top”.

Continue: “Normally the pergola does not need building permits but when it is covered, in the upper part, even for a single portion, with a structure not easily removable, related to any material, is, however, subject to the rules laid down for the construction of roofs”.

The pergola-tents :”is the element of best use of the external space, stable and lasting. The main work is not the structure itself, but the tent […] with the consequence that the structure qualifies itself in terms of a mere accessory element, necessary for the support and extension of the tent”. Therefore “a pergotenda does not constitute a building work subject to the prior issue of the qualification and is part […] of the free construction activity”.

The definitions given sufficiently describe what we do. Our pergolas are made of pine, laminated, impregnated in autoclave and, in case, dyed. They can be placed in front of the entrances, to cover access paths, to adorn terraces and verandas, also equipped for the occasion with balustrades and grills.

We have collected a few examples for which you find a special page with photographs taken exclusively from works carried out in homes and private activities, accompanied by a brief description: this to give you a rough idea of what we do.

You can always consult us freely and receive advice on changes, materials, regulations: we gladly provide our experience to reason together on your ideas and needs.

For planning and quotes come to the office or contact us and request a quote from your drawing or sketch.