His angular face and you can decidedly feline mannerisms separate your in the most other patrons

His angular face and you can decidedly feline mannerisms separate your in the most other patrons

He has a slim create and you will agile fingers, perfect for plucking the strings of his lute if fancy requires him

Vieri Barboro NE men 50 % of-elf Bard (thrall) That it aloof bard work in the tavern which is seem to viewed tuning an effective lute the guy hardly plays. Vieri’s miracle would be the fact he’s a spy as well as the actual manifestation of the latest tavern’s strength, and that extends to influence through the years and you can place. Whilst not an income creature, he could be most attracted to Fantasies Hop out-an incredibly addicting compound that renders distortions from impression. Vieri was pallid which have raven-black colored tresses that he tend to wears tied up back out of their face. Like many halfelves, he’s quite indicated ears and darkvision. He’s steely grey eyes triggered by green veins you to definitely radiate across the their face. Vieri carries a pouch out-of Ambitions Log off you to replenishes alone within the termination of every day. Vieri’s statistics can be found for the webpage 234.

Bryn Harjolf has the statistics off an excellent knight. not more often than not they are in keeping clothing instead out-of dish (Air-conditioning 10). He as well as fights along with his enchanted greatsword.

Weapon (greatsword), uncommon (needs attunement) The latest wielder for the sword gains +1 in order to assault and you can wreck moves made out of this miracle gun. While doing so, if you find yourself attuned to that particular weapon, their pages rates are increased from the 5 ft and they’ve got advantage over effort goes. Curse. That it greatsword was cursed, and you may become adjusted so you’re able to it runs brand new curse towards adjusted. So long as the brand new curse continues to be the owner is reluctant 223

Jarah is recognized for her sleight of hand, trained to their by the Vieri Barboro

hip. He could be the most recent captive of tavern, captured specific forty years before. The guy idolises people that end up like brand new heroes in the favorite publication.

Jarah try an old Free Swords thug to own get with an excellent brief aura. She discovers the girl captivity painful and you can likes to ticket committed of the betting or engaging in ingesting online game. She hates Bryn and you may publicly mistrusts your. From inside the combat, she prefers a two-handed great axe one to she sells slung round the this lady back.

Mouse are moderate to possess his age-that is slight indeed, due to the fact an early on halfling-having blond, curly hair and you will a great cherubic deal with. He has got dark brown eyes and you will somewhat pointed ears. He wears a couple of patched trousers that have suspenders and you may a good shed clothing, demonstrably created for a human guy larger than simply themselves.

Jarah has good stocky build, that’s the only patron to face taller than just Bryn. Due to the fact a 1 / 2-orc, this lady has greyish skin and https://hookupdaddy.net/black-hookup-apps/ an effective, protruding mouth, although the rest of the girl deal with are distinctly women. This lady has a properly-muscled human anatomy out of several years of training with her greataxe, and you will a thick black colored plait that she wears down the woman straight back. Jarah comes with the statistics of a seasoned but she uses a great higher axe as opposed to various other firearm (greataxe. Melee Gun Assault: +5 going to, arrive at 5ft., that target. Hit: 9 (1d12 + 3) slashing ruin), that will be in accordance dresses more time (Air-conditioning 11).

Aren N men peoples Burglar Aren along with his three underlings is actually members of the latest Ebon Syndicate (all have the stats out-of a beneficial spy). They value coin most importantly of all, and you can would happily activate both for the right rate. They admission their captivity because of the playing and you will participating in almost every other games away from possibility, and constantly wager so you can win, sometimes against their most useful reasoning. Aren provides a poor looks and you may rough articulation, probably caused by are lifted inside the among thieves away from a young age. Aren try slim and quick statured of years of malnutrition, it is the truth is nimble towards the their legs and a proficient lockpick. He has lank brownish tresses and environmentally friendly sight, and you can a tat of one’s Hawk Moth symbol to your their tits. He or she is tanned away from years of using up weird operate so you’re able to spend his way from urban centers regarding Etharis, and you will contact others which have a harsh Preferred accent.

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